TDS Calculator

Compute how much TDS has to be deducted or TCS to be collected from below TDS calculator.

Other points to be noted:-
1.No TDS shall be deducted on service tax amount showed in bill.

2.No TDS or lower TDS shall be deducted whatsoever mentioned in any provision, if deductee provides “Section 197 certificate” to deductor.

3.TDS shall be require to deposit by deductor on or before 7th day of next following month.However, for the month of March due date shall be 30th April.

4.Quarterly TDS Return/Statement shall be filled on or before 15th day of next following month to quarter. However, for the last quarter (i.e Jan-March) due date shall be 15th May.

5.TDS certificate has to be issued by deductor to the deductees in Form 16 (in case of salary) and Form 16A (in case of others).

6.TDS certificate should be issued as following:-

  • In case of salary (Form 16), TDS certificate issued on annually basis and Due date is 31st May of the following relevant financial year.
  • In case of others (Form 16A), TDS certificate issued on quarterly basis and Due date is  30th July, 30th October, 30th January and 30th May respectively.

7. All rates in our TDS calculator are updated.

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