notification 48/2014 Prescribed authority under section 133C
Notification 47/2014 DTAA between India & Bhutan
Notification 46/2014 NIL TDS Certificate issued to each deductor separately
Notification 45/2014 Tolerable limit for determination of Arm Length Price changed
Notification 43/2014 Windmill Depreciation rate increase to 80% again.
Notification 42/2014 DTAA between India & Bhutan
Notification 35/2014 DTAA between India & Fiji
Notification 34/2014 DTAA between India & Malta
Notification 33/2014 New format of Form No. 3CA, 3CB & 3CD
Notification 32/2014 New Net Wealth Return Form BB
Notification 31/2014 CII for FY 2014-15 is 1024
Notification 29/2014 Sivasuriyaperuman Temple covered u/s 80G(2)(b)
Notification 28/2014 Audit Report require u/s 10AA, 44DA, 50B & 115VW file electronically
Notification 27/2014 Income of M/s Temad from sale of codeine phosphate is exempt u/s 10(48)
Notification 26/2014 New PAN Forms 49A & 49AA
Notification 24/2014 E return mandatory for Firm,LLP,AOP,BOI & Political Party
Notification 24/2014 Notice u/s 11(2) require to furnish electronically
Notification 23/2014 DTAA between India & Sri Lanka
Notification 21/2014 FPPL approval withdrawn for the purpose of section 80IA
Notification 20/2014 PIPL approval withdrawn for the purpose of section 80IA
Notification 19/2014 IRFC limit reduce & IFCI is newbie to issue tax-free bonds under section 10(15)
Notification 18/2014 Amendment in guidelines for approval of agriculture extension project u/s 35CCC
Notification 17/2014 Grants received to APSACS exempt u/s 10(46)
Notification 16/2014 Extend definition of Training Institute under rule 6AAH for the purpose of section 35CCD
Notification 15/2014 Transaction with Ace Derivative & Commodity Exchange not a speculative
Notification 13/2014 DTAA between India and Romania
Notification 12/2014 DTAA between India and Lativa
Notification 11/2014 REC, NHB & NTPC limit increase to issue tax-free bonds under section 10(15)
Notification 10/2014 Amendment in DTAA with UK and Ireland
Notification 09/2014 Section 115AD extended to Foreign Portfolio Investors
Notification 06/2014 Resignation of Shri Rahul,Asst. DIT (prosecutions)
Notification 06/2014 Deduction u/s 80D available for Health service scheme of Department of Space
Notification 05/2014 Rule 44CA amended w.r.t Settlement Commission
Notification 04/2014 Orissa State AIDS Control Society has been notified under section 10(46)
Notification 03/2014 DTAA between India and Belize
Notification 01/2014 Furnish information to officer of National Food Security Act
Notification 61/2013 List of companies who can issue tax-free bonds under section 10(15) & maximum amount of bonds
Notification 54/2013 Guidelines for approval of skill development project under section 35 CCD

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