Rule 11 Determination of income from transactions with non-residents.
Rule 11A [Medical authority for certifying autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities and certificate to be obtained from the medical authority for the purposes of deduction under section 80DD and section 80U.
Rule 11AA [Requirements for approval of an institution or fund under section 80G.
Rule 11B [Conditions for allowance for deduction under section 80GG.
Rule 11C [Prescribed fields for the purposes of deduction in respect of remuneration received from foreign employers or Indian concerns under section 80RRA.
Rule 11D Permanent physical disabilities for the purposes of deduction under section 80U.
Rule 11DD [Specified diseases and ailments for the purpose of deduction under section 80DDB.
Rule 11E Application for approval of agreement under section 80-O.
Rule 11EA [Guidelines for specifying industrially backward districts for the purpose of deduction under [sub-section (5) of section 80-IB].
Rule 11EE Form of statement to be furnished under section 115K.
Rule 11F General
Rule 11G Composition of the National Committee.
Rule 11H Headquarters and Secretariat.
Rule 11-I Functions of the National Committee
Rule 11J Guidelines for approval of associations and institutions.
Rule 11K Guidelines for recommending projects or schemes.
Rule 11L Application for approval of an association or institution or for recommendation of a project or scheme by the National Committee.
Rule 11M Procedure before the National Committee.
Rule 11MA [Form of report by an approved association or institution under clause (ii) of sub-section (4) of section 35AC.
Rule 11MAA Form of report by public sector company or local authority or association or institution, which is carrying out a notified eligible project or scheme, under clause (ii) of sub-section (5) of section 35AC.
Rule 11N Other provisions.
Rule 11-O [Certificate of payment or expenditure in respect of eligible projects or schemes notified under section 35AC.
Rule 11-OA. [Guidelines for notification of affordable housing project as specified business under section 35AD.
Rule 11P Application for exercising or renewing the option for tonnage tax scheme.
Rule 11Q [Computation of deemed tonnage.
Rule 11R Incidental activities for purposes of relevant shipping income.
Rule 11S Computation of average of net tonnage for charter-in of tonnage.
Rule 11T Form of report of an accountant under clause (ii) of section 115VW.
Rule 11U Meaning of expressions used in determination of fair market value.
Rule 11UA Determination of fair market value.
Rule 12 [Return of income and return of fringe benefits*.
Rule 12A [Preparation of return by authorised representative.
Rule 12B [Statement under sub-section (3A) of section 115R.
Rule 12BA [Statement under sub-section (3) of section 115TA.
Rule 12C [Statement under sub-section (2) of section 115U.
Rule 12D Prescribed authority under section 133C.
Rule 13 Application for extension of time for filing return of income.
Rule 14 Form of verification under section 142.
Rule 14A [Form of audit report under section 142(2A).
Rule 14B [Guidelines for the purposes of determining expenses for audit.
Rule 15 Notice of demand for regular assessment, etc.

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