Due Date of TDS Return extended for Government Deductor

Due date of filling TDS/TCS statement by government deductor/collector is hereby extended to 31.03.2014 for –

  1. FY 2012-13 – 2nd to 4th Quarter
  2. FY 2013-14 – 1st to 3rd Quarter

Further CBDT also clarified that ‘fees under section 234E’ of the Act already paid in consequence of late filling of TDS/TCS statement by a Government deductor shall not be refunded.

CBDT also sweetly reprimand  the government deductor/ collector that the above extension is one time and no extension shall be available in future and advised the deductors/collectors to co-ordinate with the respective PAO/DTO/CDDO to ensure timely receipt of BIN/filing of TDS/TCS statements.

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