A new way to appraise Income Tax Officers

Ministry of Finance find a new way to appraise income tax officersincome tax officers

Now onwards Government do not appreciate income tax officers issuing notices for exaggerated & baseless tax demands.

Income Tax department modified Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of assessing Income Tax officers to bring about greater accountability.

Performance of assessing / income tax officers will be measured for quality of assessment,pace of disposal &efforts made towards widening of tax base.

With these changes the assessing officers will be more conscious of their accountability for the quality of their assessment orders.

This new system is expected to bring about greater judiciousness in application of law by the assessing officers.

The modified APAR form will be applicable for the reporting year 2015-16.

This measure is another step by the Income Tax Department to provide a non –adversarial tax regime.

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