Tax-free bonds under section 10(15)

NOTIFICATION NO. 61/2013 DATED 8-8-2013 has been amended, which authorises the entities mentioned in the Table to issue during the financial year 2013-14, tax-free bonds under section 10(15).

The following amendment has been made :-

  1. Airport Authority of India Limited (AAI) cannot issue the tax free bond.
  2. Eligible Entities to issue Tax Free Bonds EARLIER

    Maximum amount of bonds (Rs. in Crore)


    Maximum amount of bonds (Rs. in Crore)

    Rural Electrification Corporation Limited(REC) 5000 6000
    National Housing Bank (NHB) 3000 4000
    NTPC Limited (formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation) 1750 2250
    Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) 10000 8853
    IFCI Limited N/A 430

Refer Amended Notification 11/2014

Refer Amended Notification 19/2014

Refer Earlier Notification 61/2013

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